Candyman (director Bernard Rose in person!)

Be it a horde of zombies, or one particularly large mutated lizard, the source of terror in a horror film with an urban setting generally requires a large volume of monster(s) to be effective — but the Big City has its fringes too, often hidden in plain sight. Therein lies the simple genius of Bernard Rose’s urban ghost tale Candyman, which takes the seeds of Clive Barker’s Lovecraftian short story “The Forbidden” and bears horrifying fruit by transplanting it to inner-city Chicago. Rose turns the infamous Cabrini–Green housing project into a world just as removed, mysterious and steeped in folklore as any backwoods or Old World village, as grad student Virginia Madsen’s investigation into a local boogeyman known as The Candyman (Tony Todd, in a chilling, career-defining performance) plays just as much on our dread of the supernatural as it does on our societal dread of the ghetto. With the help of composer Philip Glass, Rose crafts one of the most frightening and overtly artistic mainstream horror films of the modern era, by turns equally Gothic, romantic and bloodily baroque. Come summon the Candyman with us as he was meant to be summoned: on the big screen! “Sweets to the Sweet…” Bernard Rose will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Bernard Rose, 1992, 35mm, 99 min.

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