SNEAK PEEK: Cameraperson (LA Premiere w/ Kirsten Johnson in person!)

Co-presented by the International Documentary Association

Q&A with filmmaker Kirsten Johnson to follow

Like a collage of clippings from an assortment of diaries, the loose ends and outtakes swept from the cutting room floor of over 20 projects by other filmmakers are reconfigured and recontextualized into the non-narrative heart of veteran cinematographer Kirsten Johnson’s feature directorial debut. A fluid, subtle portrait of the unseen eye behind a lens in the service of scores of other visionaries, Cameraperson forms the visual memoir of a digressive filmmaker and her impressive career, offering glimpses at unused footage from films by the likes of Michael Moore, Laura Poitras and others. From what could be chaos emerges not just a clear descendent of the essay films of Chris Marker, but also a meditation on the immediacy of the candid and sensitive art of nonfiction filmmaking.

Cameraperson opens Sept. 23 at the Laemmle Royal.

Dir. Kirsten Johnson, 2016, DCP, 102 min.