Buck Henry Night 3: Heaven Can Wait

Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

A plucky football-ified remake of 1941’s “Here Comes Mr. Jordan,” penned by Warren Beatty and Elaine May, and featuring Beatty, James Mason, Buck Henry and Julie Christie. Beatty, quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, is poised to hit the peak of his sporting career—right before he is plucked off Earth and dropped at a gloriously depicted airport-in-the-clouds way station to Heaven erroneously early, by Henry, a newly appointed soul-chaperone, under the tutelage of station manager Mason. Back to earth Beatty goes, but housed in a different body this time around, in what is just the first of a series of divine plot twists. This football fairytale will be followed by a Q&A with the man of the evening, Buck Henry!

Dir. Warren Beatty & Buck Henry, 1978, 35mm, 101 min.