Breadcrumb Trail (3/17)

Co-presented by FYF Fest

Two definitive epochs mark underground rock of the last few decades: BS (Before Slint) and AS (After Slint). A staple of the Louisville, KY scene before their 1990 album Spiderland definitively laid down the gauntlet and provided a road map for untold scores of “post-rock” bands around the globe to follow, the short-lived but long-loved Slint has remained one of music fandom’s most mythical, sphinxlike bands — but Breadcrumb Trail, the brand-new documentary by Lance Bangs, now reveals the minds behind the life-changing music.

Throughout the ‘80s, the members of Slint grew up forming bands, breaking up and reforming in different configurations: playing hardcore shows while still in elementary school, touring with Samhain as 14-year-olds, recording as melodic hardcore band Squirrel Bait at 15, forming Slint in their late teens and recording the classic Spiderland before they were 21. And then — they broke up before the album’s release, giving no interviews and vanishing into their own shadows. After two decades have passed, Bangs has assembled unseen footage of the teens writing/arranging Spiderland, as well as the first on-camera interviews with the band members and their contemporaries trying to decipher what they had been through. Also featuring Steve Albini, Ian Mackaye, David Grubbs, David Yow, James Murphy and archival material from Will Oldham! Bennett Kogon (FYF Fest) will be here to DJ before the show!
Dir. Lance Bangs, 2014, digital presentation, 90 min.

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