Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice + Drinking Buddies (Paul Mazursky & Joe Swanberg in person!)

Joe Swanberg (director of last year’s festival hit Drinking Buddies) counts Paul Mazursky as one of his all-time favorite filmmakers — join Joe and Paul in live conversation, plus a double feature of Drinking Buddies and Paul’s breakout swingin’ 1969 hit Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice!

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (world premiere of new DCP restoration!) – 5:00pm
A cheeky glance at the Sexual Revolution from that juicy upper-middle-class SoCal perspective, courtesy of director Paul Mazursky’s first feature. Ted (Elliot Gould) and Alice (Dyan Cannon) are friends with Bob (Robert Culp) and Carol (Natalie Wood.) Having dealt with marital problems, the latter couple return from a New Age retreat, and in a new spirit of openness, shares the details of their love lives and affairs with a simultaneously terrified and titillated Ted and Alice. These disclosures forge a closer bond between the couples, and, in the twilight of the Swingin’ Sixties, the question is: how close is too close? Very wisely, Mazursky goes for keenly observed humor instead of soap opera, and brings out the best in his performers.
Dir. Paul Mazursky, 1969, DCP, 101 min.

Drinking Buddies – approx. 8:00pm
Utilizing his very personal brand of what Drinking Buddies co-star Jake Johnson has dubbed “controlled chaos filmmaking”, filmmaker Joe Swanberg (24 Exposures, Happy Christmas, Hannah Takes The Stairs) has fashioned a warmly naturalistic, 21st-century take on the fluidity of modern romance, using the music of chance and his players’ keen wits to dictate the delectable proceedings. As employees in a microbrewery, Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson are perfect for each other — except for the small detail that both of them are already in steadily functioning relationships (with Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick, respectively.) As the flirting between them escalates, their wills are tested over one crucial weekend when the significant others are away… Surprisingly, for a film that contains almost-entirely improvised dialogue and storylines, the film retains a solid emotional base, and never wavers on its narrative core. As well, Mazursky’s Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice remains a huge influence on Swanberg, as apparent in both Drinking Buddies’ deft handling of complex, contemporary adult themes, and its breezy comedic style.
Dir. Joe Swanberg, 2013, DCP, 90 min.

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