Blue Jay (LA Premiere w/ Mark Duplass in person!)

A black-and-white meander through a nostalgic evening, punctuated by welcome jabs of sarcasm, Blue Jay is a treat for the daydreaming teenager and miserable adult in all of us. For two former high-school sweethearts, Jim (Mark Duplass) and Amanda (Sarah Paulson), what begins as a chance encounter in their small hometown grocery store, evolves into a night of reminiscences. Semi-improvised and co-written by an intimate crew, this understated film sees two formidable actors at their most organic and magnetic. Paulson charms even the most unyielding of love-skeptics, while Duplass exudes an authenticity that is at once painful and touching. Spiraling gracefully from moment to moment, the deeply relatable characters invite you to indulge in the simple pleasure of watching interesting people talk, debate, laugh, cry and exist in real time. Their playful excavation of a rose-colored past begs the straightforward question: by dissecting the past, can you make sense of the present?

Dir. Alexandre Lehmann, 2016, DCP, 80 min.

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