Blue Caprice (stars in person, presented by Sundance Institute's NEXT Weekend)

Part of NEXT WEEKEND presented by Sundance Institute

“A smart, sobering movie that speculates with compelling detachment on how the abhorrent urge to take innocent lives might evolve.” — Hollywood Reporter

Our friends at the Sundance Institute are no collective stranger to stylistically adventurous filmmaking born out of limited means, but wielding bold storytelling techniques to create impactful viewing. It’s the very anchor of the Sundance Film Festival’s “NEXT” section — one of the most highly energized part of the yearly cinematic pilgrimage to the wintry hills. As part of NEXT Weekend (a citywide event featuring screenings, panels, parties and workshops), we’re proud to sneak you a preview of Blue Caprice: the evocative, elliptical and chilling new fictionalization of the Beltway Sniper murders from debut feature director Alexandre Moors. Evoking the tone of Gus Van Sant’s Elephant and the heady reveries of late from Terrence Malick, this sleek, yet poetic take on the path taken to righteous violence focuses in on the psychological reasons why such a bizarre tragedy can exist, rather than the forensic particulars of the legendary early-Aughts D.C.-based mobile sniper crime spree — and is bolstered by incredibly taut performances by both Isaiah Washington as the increasingly unstable father figure/ringleader, and newcomer Tequan Richmond as the captivated teenage gunman under his spell. Stars Isaiah Washington & Tequan Richmond in person for Q&A after the film!
Dir. Alexandre Moors, 2013, digital presentation, 94 min.

Watch the trailer for “Blue Caprice!”
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