Bollywood Bloodbath (feat. A Tribute To The Ramsay Brothers & U.S. premiere of "Son Of Dracula"!)

Co-presented by Finders Keepers Records/B-Music, Dublab & The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

The world of Hindi horror is a phantasmagorical boiling cauldron of ectoplasmic ghost stories, remakes of Hollywood fright fare jam-packed with musical numbers, crispy-fried effects designed to gouge your third eye — and of course, truly incredible soundtracks. In celebration of “Bollywood Bloodbath”, the new compilation album from our friends at B-Music/Finders Keepers Records, we take you on a guided tour through the most exquisite exhumed moments in the Indian terror tale canon. First up: a finely curated selection of the strangest, most striking moments from Bollywood’s red-headed stepchild: the Ramsay Brothers’ monster movie factory. This family-run cottage industry has churned out decades of crazed possession tales and duels between good and evil — and our homemade mix of this Mondo Macabro madness is a feast for the eyes for any fan of deranged cinema! Afterwards, it’s the ultimate mind-melting masala of horror delirium, Son of Dracula. This guaranteed entry in the Top 10 Most Insane Filmgoing Experiences EVER (we’re talking The Boxer’s Omen-level obliteration here) is a non-stop barrage of demons, vampires, gurus and dancing girls, accompanied by constant sound clusters of laser zaps, thunder and evil-baby growls. At first, you’ll think “Wow, this ‘80s movie is nuts!” but, incredibly, it was conjured in 2004! After this cranium-crusher, we’ll push aside the couches for a dance party with DJs Mahssa, Arshia (Sublime Frequencies/Discostan) and Soul Markossa, all spinning Bollywood soundtrack deep cuts from the Desi-Dracula Music Cabinet!

Watch Cinefamily’s teaser trailer for “Bollywood Bloodbath”!

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for “Son Of Dracula”!

Watch the supremely whacked opening credit sequence from “Pyasa Shaitan”!
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