Blood Feast

How far are you willing to go? Mild-mannered sexploiteer Herschell Gordon Lewis answered this very question when he teamed with legendary huckster David F. Friedman to drop this visionary splatter bomb way back in 1963 (the same year Lawrence of Arabia cleaned up at the Oscars), forever changing cinema in the process, and directly influencing nearly every horror film that followed. An Egyptian caterer (and author of the book ‘Ancient Weird Religious Rites’) is hacking through the nubile underworld of a pre-CSI Miami, gathering body parts to pay tribute to his beloved Goddess Ishtar. Featuring more meat than your local butcher, and a Playboy Playmate (Connie Mason) not exactly known for her acting skills, Blood Feast is fueled with more blood-soaked chutzpah than had ever previously hit the drive-in circuit — and, in the intervening fifty years, has lost none of its power to disgust, shock and entertain. The original theatrical poster screams “NOTHING SO APPALLING IN THE ANNALS OF HORROR”, and we can’t help but agree as a rare 35mm print unspools on the Cinefamily screen IN BLOOD COLOR!
Dir. Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1963, 35mm, 67 min.

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