ILLINOIS: Bleeding Skull presents Chester Turner, LIVE! (feat. Black Devil Doll From Hell & Tales From The Quadead Zone)


10:00pm – Tales From the Quadead Zone
approx. 11:30pm – Q&A w/ Chester Turner
approx. midnight – Black Devil Doll From Hell

Over human history, we’ve experienced mysteries as a collective whole that we’ve never been able to solve: Is there anything faster than the speed of light? How they did really build the Pyramids? What’s the cure for the common cold? Who the fuck is the guy who made “Black Devil Doll From Hell”, and why did he do it?! One of the greatest cinematic enigmas of the last 100 years has finally been revealed, thanks to the folks at Massacre Video: Chester Turner — the Chicago filmmaker behind the deadly duo of shot-on-video horror milestone Black Devil Doll… and its follow-up Tales From The Quadead Zone — is alive and well and living in Illinois! And, he’s coming to the Cinefamily in person to answer your burning questions about — well, pretty much everything. But that’s not all, for the minds behind, our absolute favorite online source for info on forgotten gems lurking in the VHS gutters, will also be here to celebrate the work of Mr. Turner and their brand-new book, “Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey”.

Previously only viewed by humans in heavily-degraded eighth-generation bootlegs, this is surreal ‘80s sleaze at its most engaging. It’s the ultimate degenerate party film, displaying an ill flamboyance that cannot be understated. Helen (played with ecstatic fervor by Shirley L. Jones) is a God-fearing Catholic, forever suppressing her “fornicating” desires. After the chance discovery in an antique shop of a ventriloquist dummy that walks, talks and is ready to bust a nut, all hell breaks loose. Fantasy becomes reality as the Black Devil Doll comes to life, embarking on a sex-fueled rampage. Easily the most vile, deranged, and gleeful film to ever be scored with a Casiotone.
Dir. Chester Turner, 1984, analog presentation, 70 min.

Chester’s second dig into self-released, shot-on-video madness is an anthology film concerning shotgun-wielding rednecks, a killer ghost-clown and a bloodbath involving kitchen utensils. Rules of logic and structure have no business in the Quadead Zone; this is nonstop psychedelic delirium for the price of a sandwich. Turner’s manic, lo-fi creativity impresses to no end, making for an experience that can never be replicated, repeated, or equaled. Basically, Tales From The Quadead Zone is the greatest SOV horror film of all time, no exceptions.
Dir. Chester Turner, 1987, analog presentation, 62 min.