A Tribute to Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro feat. Black Orpheus + live music! (Off-site at Barnsdall Art Park)

Ticket price includes a wine tasting before the screening, which begins at sundown.

NOTE: This event is 21+. Parking is free, but limited. Rideshare and carpool strongly encouraged! Bring a blanket, bring a pillow, but please, no lawn furniture. Bring a picnic, but no outside alcohol will be permitted.

Incredibly, one of the children in this Brazilian classic has grown up to be one the world’s greatest Samba players, and lives right here in Los Angeles. On this day, we will pay tribute to this important and influential musical ambassador, with a “Roda de Choro” (a musical jam) hosted by Thalma De Freitus, Carlinhos himself, and other incredible musicians.

Marcel Camus’ Black Orpheus took the cinema world by storm upon its release, nabbing both the Palme d’Or and an Oscar for its irresistibly joyous, yet at times aptly melancholic Brazilian retelling of the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, by way of the Carnivale in Rio and an epochal Bossa Nova soundtrack. Pulsating with life and featuring near-grandiloquent delivery of the myth’s monologues via beautifully lifelike shots (courtesy of Jean Bourgoin’s handling of his Eastmancolor film stock), Orpheus changed the landscape of international arthouse cinema.

Dir. Marcel Camus, 1959, Digital Presentation, 100 min.

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