Black Moon

Every big-name internationally adored director, after years of critical acclaim, is bound to craft an off-the-cliff piece of one-for-the-ages capriciousness — and Louis Malle’s turn came with this seldom-seen, magically insane ‘70s fable. Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll, the story follows a lost English girl through a woodland landscape of the future, where men and women have declared war with one another and people can communicate with animals. She falls in with Joe Dallesandro and his incestuous sister, which leads to even more surreal developments leading up to a poetic finale involving a unicorn. Beautifully shot by the great Sven Nykvist at Malle’s own French home at the time, this stream-of-consciousness reverie remains rare, so come experience this love-it-or-hate-it brainblaster on the big screen while you can.

Dir. Louis Malle, 1975, 35mm, 100 min.

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