Bjork: Biophilia Live (2/9)

In celebration of her forthcoming retrospective at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art and her sudden new LP, Cinefamily brings you one of Bjork’s greatest filmed achievements! A lush explosion of sound and color — an impeccably executed repertoire of otherworldly balladeering — and one of the greatest hairpieces ever coiffed. Busting through all barriers of space and time, Bjork’s two-year world tour in support of her 2011 album Biophilia captivated audiences from Reykjavík, Iceland to Richmond, California and beyond. The resulting concert film captures all the intense pageantry, the soaring vocals and the sweet marriage between the warm ‘n fuzzy and the avant-garde that have made Bjork one of the absolute greats. Besides — what other live act would incorporate a real-life onstage Tesla coil, played like a synthesizer via an iPad app? Biophilia Live will have even the most jaded of prudes and the most novice of Bjork-ers giddily humming many of the film’s signature sky-high tunes long after the closing credits.
Dirs. Nick Fenton & Peter Strickland, 2014, DCP, 97 min.

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