Birdemic Fest ("Birdemic" & sneak peek at "Birdemic 2"!)

The impossible has just become a reality! Birdemic: Shock And Terror auteur James Nguyen is in the middle of shooting a sequel: Birdemic II: The Resurrection 3D. Join Mr. Nguyen as he presents exclusive footage from the sequel, and stick around for a Q&A with James and cast members after our anniversary screening of Birdemic: Shock and Terror! The most discussed and anticipated avian-based disaster film since the The Birds, Birdemic: Shock And Terror is equal parts epochal tale and cinematic warning shot. It tells the story of a couple unexpectedly and unforgettably caught in the eye of a feather-based storm — an apocalyptic attack winging down from the skies in a twisted morass of feathers, talons and blood-soaked claws. And the man that fired the shot across the diegetic bow of cineastes everywhere? That would be writer/director/dream factory foreman James Nguyen. One of cinema’s most persistent imagineers, Nguyen (legally trademarked as “The Master of the Romantic Thriller”™) funded his masterwork with savings accrued from his day job as a Silicon Valley software salesman. No less than five years in the making, Birdemic stands as a testament to Nguyen’s dark, enduring vision.
Birdemic: Shock And Terror Dir. James Nguyen, 2008, HD presentation, 90 min.

Watch the trailer for “Birdemic: Shock & Terror”!
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