Big Trouble In Little China

At the perfect intersection of ancient Chinese mysticism, rampaging maniacs and big rig trucking lays the best actor/director combo of the ‘80s having the most foot-flyin’, laser-blastin’ fun of their careers. Director John Carpenter distills decades of Hong Kong cinema, wizard battles and chop-socky theatrics, all while re-teaming with his BFF, the hilarious hunk/former Disney star Kurt Russell. Together, they unleash ultimate ass-kicking in the search for a girl with green eyes through the mysterious underworld of Chinatown. Featuring rapid-fire, eminently quotable dialogue, a pre-Sex In The City Kim Cattrall, full-blown Russell-mania at its glorious height, and the legendary James Hong in the role of a lifetime as the villainous Lo Pan, Big Trouble In Little China is maximum-concentration cinematic TNT! This big screen brawler comes to the Cinefamily screen from a rare 35mm print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive. And remember, it’s all in the reflexes —
Dir. John Carpenter, 1986, 35mm, 99 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

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