Beyond The Black Rainbow (6/26, midnight)

A searing slow-motion slice of heavy synth psychedelia, Beyond The Black Rainbow demands communal viewing, operates on its own wavelength, and creates an entirely immersive vision for your next trip in through the universe’s out door. Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year “1983”, this Reagan-era fever dream details the Cronenberg-ian, mysterious Aboria Institute and its two main inhabitants: a disturbed and beautiful girl held captive, and her “doctor”, who’s on the obsessive hunt for the scientific key to inner peace. Featuring a deep, hypnotic analog synthesizer score by Jeremy Schmidt (of Sinoia Caves and Black Mountain), and meticulously constructed design by first-time writer/director Panos Cosmatos (son of director George P. “Rambo: First Blood Part II” Cosmatos), BTBR is ultra-specific in its aesthetic fetishes, but far-reaching in its goal to bend minds and expand consciousness — which it does with crystalline success. Come see this psyche-shattering late-night brainbomb on the big screen — where it belongs!
Dir. Panos Cosmatos, 2010, 35mm, 110 min.

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