Bette Gordon & Lizzie Borden in conversation, featuring The Drowning

Independent filmmakers, friends – and bearers of sonically similar names – Lizzie Borden (Working Girls, Born in Flames) and Bette Gordon (Variety, Handsome Harry) join us for a conversation! Following their discussion, we’ll screen Gordon’s new film, The Drowning.

Based on a Pat Barker novel, The Drowning is a taut thriller – a genre Gordon mastered with the 1983 Variety. The film follows an exceedingly normal couple (played by Josh Charles and Julia Stiles) as the glassy ordinariness of their lives is easily punctured by the appearance of a young, unpredictable man. Charles’s character is a child psychologist and the film is a psychological thriller, for certain – but it is ultimately Gordon’s interest in narrative tension that takes center stage.

Dir. Bette Gordon, 2016, DCP, 95 min.

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