Bad Education (encore)

The prospect of Gael Garcia Bernal as a transvestite femme fatale with a score to settle should be enough to draw you in, but don’t come to Bad Education expecting mere eye candy: this dazzling and disturbing tale of trauma, blackmail and mistaken identity is one of Almodóvar’s darkest works. Genre fans will delight as Almodóvar’s cinephiliac imagination queers the conventions of noir: between multilayered flashbacks, gender-bending and back-stabbing, Bad Education is an “out” Out of the Past, a cross-dressing Criss-Cross. A perfect example of the director’s violent eroticism, the film is undeniably hot, but it also burns with anger: at the center of its intricate narrative is a profound outrage at the transgressions of abusive priests, made at the height of the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church in the mid-2000s. Nothing is what it seems in Bad Education, but one thing is certain: you’ll never hear “Moon River” the same way again.

Dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 2004, 35mm, 106 min.

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