Bad Dreams (25th Anniversary screening, director & co-stars in person!)

“Another of those foul teenage vomitoriums…Why do they make movies like this?” — Roger Ebert

Ever wonder what would happen if Freddy Krueger ran a Jonestown-style death cult? Wonder no more for 1988′s Bad Dreams is here to show you the way! This shocker from Andrew Fleming (who would later go on to make The Craft) takes a cue from A Nightmare On Elm Street and warp-speeds it straight to crazy-cult town. Genre icon Richard Lynch is the demon ghost of a charismatic ‘70s cult mastermind who, after torching his flock in a mass suicide, torments Dream Warriors alum Jennifer Rubin from beyond the grave — and that’s just the tip of the insane iceberg. Hallucinatory madness and gooey FX congeal to make this entry in the cult-movies-about-cults pantheon a true overlooked and overcooked classic; come walk the true path with us for this special 25th Anniversary presentation. Director Andrew Fleming, along with co-stars Dean Cameron and Jennifer Rubin, will be here at the Cinefamily in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Andrew Fleming, 1988, 35mm, 84 min.

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