"BACK TO SCHOOL" PARTY: Class of 1984 (director in person), Junior High School, All American High and more!

6:30pm – Junior High School (co-director David Wechter in person!)
approx. 7:15pm – All American High (director Keva Rosenfeld in person!)
approx. 8:30pm – 16mm “juvenile delinquent” shorts, curated by Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks
approx. 9:45pm – Class of 1984 (new 35mm print, director Mark L. Lester in person)

As the school bell tolls on another Fall semester, and as the campus security guards fire up the ol’ metal detectors, we jubilate the season with a brand-new 35mm print of one of the most vicious, hateful and incendiary Reagan-era treatises against the scourge of youth ever filmed — plus a plethora of incredible portraits of adolescence! First off, we’ve got the legendary 1978 musical short Junior High School, a breezy, utterly charming Grease-meets-High School Musical romp filmed at John Muir Junior High in Burbank (and featuring a very young Paula Abdul in the song-and-dance cast.) Then, it’s the ultra-rare vintage ’80s doc All American High, covering a full year of jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, partiers and one very wise-beyond-her-years foreign exchange student at local L.A. institution Torrance High School! An hour’s worth of incredible and fun 16mm finds on the subject of juvenile delinquency follows (curated by A/V Geek’s Skip Elsheimer) — and then it’s onto the 50-pound sack of Armageddon known as Class of 1984. Whether you’re into punk, vengeance, or have just always fantasized about seeing Michael J. Fox get stabbed, this is one absorbing piece of exploitation you won’t want to miss, with director Mark L. Lester in person!
Junior High School Dirs. Michael Nankin & David Wechter, 1978, Blu-Ray, 37 min.
All American High Dir. Keva Rosenfeld, 1987, Blu-Ray, 59 min.
Class of 1984 Dir Mark L. Lester, 1982, 35mm, 98 min.

Watch the trailer for “Class of 1984″!

Watch an excerpt from “Junior High School”!
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Watch the trailer for “All American High”!
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