Autumn Carnival (feat. Pumpkin-Carving Party & "Something Wicked This Way Comes", co-star Shawn Carson in person!)

NOTE: our feature presentation will start around 5PM — but come early at 4PM for pumpkin-carving, cider and a selection of autumnal shorts!

Nipping winds fill the air with the musk of earth, smoke and the breath of grinning jack o’lanterns, sending skeletons of red-golden leaves scuttering toward year’s end — yes, autumn is upon us once again. Join us in a celebration of both the season and Cinefamily’s October birthday, with an autumnal bacchanalia of music and film – replete with pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, mulled cider and other tricks n’ treats. As dusk approaches, we’ll share one of our favorite fall films, Ray Bradbury’s spine-tingling Something Wicked This Way Comes. Helmed by Jack Clayton (director of the classic ghost story The Innocents), with incredible performances by Jonathan Pryce and Jason Robards, and a screenplay penned by Bradbury himself, 1983’s Something Wicked… stands as Bradbury’s personal favorite adaptation of his work. One of the darkest films Disney ever produced, it is among the few “children’s horror” films that is truly frightening for children and adults alike. Come join us — we’ll provide the pumpkins, cider and blood-chilling frights, as we thrill in the sinister shadows of lonely Ferris wheels and the haunted carousels of autumn childhoods. Something Wicked… co-star Shawn Carson will be here for a Q&A after the film!
Something Wicked This Way Comes Dir. Jack Clayton, 1983, 35mm, 95 min.

Watch the trailer for “Something Wicked This Way Comes”!
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