Artcore: The Films Of Stephen Sayadian, Night #1 ("Cafe Flesh", Stephen Sayadian & Jerry Stahl in person!)

“Stephen Sayadian is a born provocateur. A gregarious storyteller. A genre unto himself. The genre he created, dominated and left behind could best be described as surrealist nightmare art-porn. But funny. With his twin early-’80s epics Nightdreams and Café Flesh created under the pseudonym “Rinse Dream”, Sayadian lifted from experimental theatre (where he has also worked extensively), silent cinema and absurdist comedy to create X-rated films that are hallucinations that stick with you.” (Twitch Film) We’re very proud to welcome Stephen in-person for a boffo night of conversation spanning his entire career, from his earliest days as a creative director in the Hustler Magazine empire, to artist behind some of the most iconic ‘80s movie poster art (Dressed To Kill, Body Double), to visionary maker of the most unusual adult cinema ever lensed in 35mm. Then, it’s time for Café Flesh, Sayadian’s slice of nightmarish, New Wave sci-fi avant-gardism set in a post-apocalyptic, post-sex society — one where the last remaining erotic creatures are made to display their prowess in a seedy, insane cabaret that mixes early music video aesthetics, Dada and dong-age to stunning effect. Tonight’s other special guest is Jerry Stahl (“Permanent Midnight”), the film’s co-writer!
Dir. Stephen Sayadian (aka Rinse Dream), 1982, 35mm, 80 min. (Print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Watch an excerpt from “Cafe Flesh”!
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