Arizona Dream (director's cut!)

The fantastical embodiment of a dream about an America that by all means should exist! Director Emir Kusturica’s lone foray into Hollywood starts off in the Arctic Circle and winds up in the deserts of the American Southwest — but geography isn’t the only thing that’s wildly unpredictable in this mysterious ‘90s gem; like a lovechild of Baz Luhrmann and David Lynch, this graceful wrecking ball of magical realism swings effortlessly between warm-hearted levity and bone-chilling gravitas, as rickety flying machines, equally levitating fish and mariachi bands snuggle up alongside familial loss and Russian roulette. Likewise, Johnny Depp (as Axel, an orphaned fish surveyor in NYC) and Vincent Gallo (as Paul, a would-be actor who sells cars in Tucson) share the screen as part of a “dream team” cast that also includes Jerry Lewis (in what is seriously one of his greatest performances) as Depp’s uncle, Faye Dunaway as a firey widow and Lili Taylor as Dunaway’s feisty stepdaughter. Cinefamily is proud to present Arizona Dream in its original, uncut international version!
Dir. Emir Kusturica, 1993, 35mm, 142 min.

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