The Oxford English Dictionary defines “arachnophobia” as an “irrational fear of spiders” — but there’s nothing irrational about it: spiders creep everyone out, and no movie has made squirmier use of this psychological reality than this 1990 creepy-crawly “thrill-omedy” classic. Big city doctor Jeff Daniels takes a small town job, just as the offspring of an ultra-deadly Amazonian spider begin a quickly slithering invasion. From there, director/longtime Spielberg collaborator Frank Marshall goes for broke, exploiting everything we fear about the little eight-legged bastards — namely that there’s one lurking under your chair right now! Backed by John Goodman doing his best Bill Murray from Caddyshack, and Julian Sands doing his best Julian Sands, the film’s true triumph is its unparalleled spider wrangling, all accomplished prior to the CG revolution, which means real spiders skittering, jumping, dangling, and making your skin crawl! Some horror movies leave you scared to turn the lights off — but Arachnophobia will have you double checking your toilet, cereal boxes, and slippers for weeks to come.
Dir. Frank Marshall, 1990, 35mm, 105 min.

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