April Fool's Day (w/ director Fred Walton, cast & crew in person!)

With Fred Walton, Clayton Rohner, Ken Olandt & Deborah Goodrich in person!

Before Scream knocked the genre into the realm of post modernism, Fred Walton’s April Fool’s Day was the definitive deconstruction of the slasher film. Riding high on a cresting wave of holiday-themed killers, Walton’s film is a deft comedy with enough scares and kills to satisfy horror fans while also boasting production values that far exceed most low budget fare of the era. Also surprising is the cast of notables; Deborah “Valley Girl” Foreman, Amy “Friday the 13th Part 2″ Steele, Thomas “Back to the Future” Wilson and Ryan O’Neal’s son Griffin who was later convicted for manslaughter in the death of Francis Ford Coppola’s son! A rollicking genre-bender with a killer twist, this 80s classic demands to be celebrated every April 1st, so don’t be a fool – join us!

Dir. Fred Walton, 1986, 35mm, 89 min.

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