Antibirth (LA Premiere) w/ director Danny Perez and star Natasha Lyonne in person!

Presented by BB Dakota

With director Danny Perez and stars Natasha Lyonne in person!

Thematically akin to Cronenberg’s The Brood, with a dash of Big Lebowski-level substance abuse and slackerdom, Antibirth is a refreshingly undefinable mash-up of horror and stoner-comedy. Highlighted perfectly by Natasha Lyonne’s characters’ response to finding out she may be pregnant—“I think I’d remember if I had someone’s cock in me”—this meth-addled fever dream is a fearless character study replete with a delightful crew of lady legends including Lyonne, Meg Tilly, and Chloe Sevigny. Giallo-esque flourishes keep the whole affair bathed in the colors of raw emotion, as Antibirth tackles everything from sexual assault to conspiracy theories and the bodily horrors of motherhood.

Dir. Danny Perez, 2016, DCP, 94 mins.