Another Evil (w/ director Carson Mell & cast in person!)

Co-presented by Friday Night Frights

Director Carson Mell and cast members Steve Zissis, Mark Proksch, and Dax Flame in person! Film will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Zach Woods.

Let’s take everything we know about the haunted vacation house story (hip couple retreats toward luxe isolation, eschewing high-demand jobs for pine-soaked serenity and the presence of lingering dead, yada yada), and throw it out the damn(ed) window. There’s nothing that could prepare us for first-time feature writer/director Carson D. Mell’s what-the-fuckomedy Another Evil, as architectural photography and literary wit wear away to reveal a taut and disturbing nexus of fear; and when Dan (Steve Zissis) and his arty nuclear family employ a decorated “ghost assassin” to purify their mountain hideaway from pesky spooks, Dan soon finds he may be beholden to more than just what goes bump in the night.

Dir. Carson D. Mell, 2016, DCP, 90 min.