Annie Hall

With its non-linear, flashback-heavy structure — along with rapid, gleeful tonal shifts that include animation, fantasy sequences, breaking the fourth wall, time travel, splitscreen and other fun stuff — Annie Hall marked a bold new filmmaking path for Woody Allen towards the close of the Seventies, with one of the breeziest, yet literate romcom tales ever as its base. “Watching it again, 25 years after its April 1977 premiere, I am astonished by how scene after scene has an instant familiarity. Alvy Singer, the gag writer and stand-up comic played by Allen in the movie, is the template for many of his other roles — neurotic, wisecracking, kvetching, a romantic who is not insecure about sex so much as dubious about all the trouble it takes. Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton, sets the form for many of Allen’s onscreen girlfriends: pretty, smart, scatterbrained, younger, with affection gradually fading into exasperation.” (Roger Ebert, writing in 2002.)
Dir. Woody Allen, 1977, 35mm, 93 min.

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