Anna Karina in "Anna" + Viva Averty!

Anna – 8:00pm
For the last 15 years, the hugely entertaining Anna was a film more known for its soundtrack then for anyone outside of France having actually viewed it — and what a soundtrack it is, featuring the combined musical efforts of Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Colombier. But this lush made-for-TV psychedelic musical (equal parts The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Blowup and Funny Face) is much more than just a vehicle for cool tunes; it’s first and foremost a playful, charming treat of hidden French film. The adorable Anna Karina (star of many Godard films, as well as others for Varda and Vadim) leads the cast as the apple of Jean-Claude Brialy’s eye, in this mad romp of color, song and jump cuts concerning an ad man who becomes obsessed with a girl who accidentally stumbles onto the set of his Parisian photo shoot, and takes his breath away. Also featuring appearances by Marianne Faithfull and Serge Gainsbourg, this hallucinatory Pop Art fairy tale is the sweetest confectionary time capsule bon-bon you’ve never seen! DJ Pink Frankenstein will be here to spin tunes before and after the films!
Dir. Pierre Koralnik, 1967, digital presentation, 87 min.

Viva Averty! – 9:45pm
A celebration of one of France’s greatest music video pioneers! Jean-Cristophe Averty is most famous for his innovative adaptation of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Histoire du Melody Nelson” — but few fans of that television special know of, much less have seen his on-the-air work from throughout the ‘60s, which utilized then-cutting-edge video technology and its attendant gear to its fullest, as well as positioned him as one of the greatest contributors to both the French pop art aesthetic and the universe of television soundstage set design. Tonight, we’ll unlock the secret vaults of Averty material to bring you highlights from his various switched-on ‘60s French TV specials, scenes from his 1970 Salvador Dali doc A Soft Self-Portrait, an a rare half-hour piece on Averty’s life and work!

Watch the Japanese trailer for “Anna”!
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Watch an excerpt from Averty’s “Histoire du Melody Nelson”!
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