Time to bliss-out on the boops, and bug out on the beeps. From a glide through the uncanny valley to the most abstract experimentation, from oscilloscopes to Amigas, from paintboxes to PCs — we’ve mined a sweeping survey of the wild, weird and wonderful female trailblazers in computer animation. Highlights: the oscillographic masterpiece Mood Contrasts by early explorer Mary Ellen Bute; a rarely-seen 9-channel(!) version of Vibeke Sorensen’s NLOOPS; Lillian Schwartz’s dazzling films from her time at Bell Labs, Diana Walczak’s pioneering work in 3D character animation; shorts by Susan Van Baerle, Shelley Lake and many more. In the spirit of the event, our friends at Glitch City (L.A.’s amazing tight-knit community of independent digital artists and game developers) have invited local talents Lisa Brown, Theresa Duringer, and Ashley Zeldin to share some of their new games with you on the Cinefamily back patio, both before and after the screenings. Plus, the evening’s show is hosted by L.A. analog video sorceress Jennifer Juniper Stratford. Animators Vibeke Sorensen and Prudence Fenton in person! (“Mood Contrasts” 16mm print courtesy of the Cecile Starr Collection at the Center For Visual Music.)

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Watch an excerpt from the Lillian Schwartz documentary “The Artist and the Computer”!
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