Co-presented by GLAS Animation

Prepare for indelible images that will push you way beyond your comfort zone, as this specially-curated mix — comprised of the newest, boldest animated shorts from some of our fave notable artists around the world — isn’t for the faint of heart. At times, these films are downright horrifying, and at other times they will make you giddy from their strange, brightly colored beauty. And still, others simply leave you breathless in their innovative brilliance. One thing’s for certain: this screening is NOT appropriate for children. The evening’s lineup revels in the fact that animation is a unique medium in its ability to visually materialize the immaterial and unthinkable; from fish that morph into women-who-morph-into-coffee-cups-that-morph-into-penisis, a tongue that sticks to walls and girls wearing animal skins to straight-up wolf sex, this collection of substantial shorts (each 10-20 minutes long) from Australia, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the U.K. exemplify the narrative and visual genius of this great medium today.

Lineup of films:
- We Can’t Live Without the Cosmos (Russia)
- Canis by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (Spain)
- Monkey Love Experiments by William Anderson and Ainslie Henderson (UK)
- Laznia by Tomek Ducki (Poland)
- Grace Under Water (Australia)
- House of Unconsciousness by Priit Tender (Estonia)
- Timber by Nils Hedinger (Switzerland)
+ 2 surprise films!

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