Hailing from Estonia (a nation whose chief exports seem to be mineral products and mind-blowing animation), the much-revered Mati Kütt renders a haunting surrealist stop-motion allegory through lovingly hand-crafted puppet work — and the lushly dreamlike results are manna for fans of Svankmajer, Barta, The Quays and Jeunet + Caro. Ejected from his womb room by the overlord Sigmund Freud, a postman departs from the confines of a crumbling, claustrophobic steampunk lab, venturing out into a chimerical landscape to deliver an all-important, cryptic message from mankind to the denizens of the moon. While Freud may rule the lab, Kütt’s definitely jiving with Jung, as he plums our rich collective unconscious with nods to Magritte, Dali, Van Gogh and Buñuel. A wordless, abstract love letter to the spirit of creativity, wherein the very act of taking in this cinematic id workout — with its stunning imagery and wide-open fantastic narrative — feels as much a paean to the power of dream and imagination as the film itself. Plus, as part of Animation Breakdown’s monthly residency, curated selection of contemporary and vintage animated shorts TBA.
Dir. Mati Kütt, 2010, digital presentation.

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