ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: Animation Breakdown Roundup! Free-For-All

Co-presented by RAD FORTRESS.

Founded on an unwavering faith in the brimming creativity everywhere in today’s animation community, we’ve commissioned awesome talents from both L.A. and around the globe to debut original content. These gifted people were given complete creative control to make whatever they wanted, anywhere from three seconds to three minutes in length. It’s more like a group art show than your usual fest fare, and is so jam-packed with shorts that we needed to add a program-within-a-program to cram more excellence through the door: GIF-JAM!, a mixtape of wild and weird l’il loops, freed from the confines of your electronic devices and unleashed on the big screen. The lineup’s a real who’s-who, the program is so new, and it’s all for you, dudes. C’mon, get free!

- Turbo Tom 2 (dir. Adriel Garcia)
- Diner Danger (dir. Tom Hunter)
- Winter House (dir. Charles Huettner)
- Bird and Man (dir. Angelo Hatgistavrou)
- Así de grandes son las ideas (dir. Quique Rivera Rivera)
- Lego George Washington’s Egyptian Vacation (dir. Garrett Davis)
- Un Certain Regard (dirs. Simon Masse, Semiramis Mamata, Anne Courtin & Rayane Raji)
- Screensaver (dir. Sean Solomon)
- Peddals & Mexico (dirs. Matt Taylor & Micki Grover)
- Puddle (dir. Pat Kain)
- Beach Bums (dir. The Great Nordic Sword Fights aka Ricky Calvit Jonsson Jr & Kristel Brinshot)
- The Caged Pillows (dir. Galen Pehrson)
- Paranoiac Figure (dir. Heather Benjamin)
- Motion Studies (Human) Volume 1-c (dir. Johnny Woods)
- Bomb (dir. Peter Millard)
- Rainbow Guardians (dirs. Mel Roach & Christian Villacañas)
- Nothing But Butts (dirs. Sean Buckelew & Charles Huettner)
- Free For All Bumper (dir. Devin Flynn)
- Skateboard Cool Guy (dir. Evan Borja)
- Office Quest (dir. Matthew Yang)
- Purple Changes (dir. Victor Kerlow)
- a/s/l (dir. Khylin Woodrow)
- Date Night (dir. Ian Higginbotham)
- Astral Travel for Beginners (dir. Daniel Katz)
- Monkey and Car (dir. Mike Owens)
- Anam (dir. Bryan Newton, Jason Boesch)
- Storm Jumper (dir. Malcolm Sutherland)
- A Different Perspective (dir. Chris O’Hara)
- Henry’s Kittens (dir. Amy Lockhart)
- Approved (dir. Owen Dennis)
- Black Sugar (dir. Jiani Cao)
- Oolympacs (dir. Johnny Woods)
- Birder Dash (dir. Max Litvinov)
- From God’s Mouth To Your Ears (dirs. Joseph Bennett & Charles Huettner)
- Dateless (dirs. Remus Buznea & Kyriaki Kyriakou)
- Lady Secrets (dir. Lori D)
- Nyam Bai (dir. Jeremy Sengly)
- Little Doorman (dir. Matt Marblo)
- GIF-JAM 2014 (dirs. Various)

GIFs from:
- Paul Robertson
- Mel Roach (Rocket Dog)
- Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera (Baman Piderman)
- Jacky Ke Jiang (Time Card Time)
- Rauch Brothers (Story Corps)
- Tim Beckhardt
- Victor Kerlow
- and many more…

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for this year’s Animation Breakdown Roundups!