Animation Breakdown presents: Consuming Spirits (4/12, 8:00pm, director Chris Sullivan in person!)

“Critic’s Pick. Entirely original…an inquiry into the darkest zones of the human heart…Weaves a complicated, intoxicating spell…a wonder.” – A.O. Scott, New York Times. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL REVIEW!

“A sprawling, slithering, stream-of-consciousness tale — a moribund, rust-belt dreamland. This is the rare animated feature whose subtext is as rich as its sensuality…’Consuming Spirits’ (is) not only a monstrous visual achievement, but one of the most uniquely humanistic animated features of all time.” – Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant

“Must-see!  It’s like Todd Solondz went to town with scissors.” – DeAnna Janes, DailyCandy

Painstakingly created over the course of the last fifteen years, Chris Sullivan’s debut animated feature is an absolute marvel to behold.  Employing multiplane cut-outs, drawings on paper and stop motion (all shot on 16mm), Sullivan weaves a psychologically dense chronicle of a crumbling Rust Belt town, and the intermingled lives of three lonely souls who work at its local newspaper. Unfolding like a vision quest from the mind of a memory-haunted insomniac, it tenderly navigates its ugly characters down twisted paths upon which their pasts, fears, and longings converge.  This is a totally singular and eerie landscape, dotted with ghost-ridden farmhouses, midnight car accidents, late night radio broadcasts and the world’s oldest cat.  Painted with frequent strokes of unexpected humor and rendered with a beautifully rough hewn craft emphasizing its characters’ fragility, it emerges as a quiet feature-length epic unlike anything you’ve ever seen: adult, complex and brimming with the irrepressible spirit of American independent filmmaking. Director Chris Sullivan will be here for a Q&A after the film! Plus, check out Chris’s new gallery show at the opening night afterparty (with wine & snacks) to follow at Synchronicity Space, 713 N. Heliotrope, 90029!
Dir. Chris Sullivan, 2012, digital presentation, 136 min.

Watch the trailer for “Consuming Spirits”!