ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Locura Espanola - Spanish Contemporary Animated Shorts

This month ANIMATION BREAKDOWN has brought in an exiled, delusional Spaniard (former Spanish animation fest Animac curator Francesc Xavier de Manuel Ruiz) to program an insane selection of… Spanish. Contemporary. Animated. Shorts. ¡Olé! A bilingual compendium of animated “tapas” packed with spine-chilling fables, heart-warming violence, and a pinch of synesthetic experimentalism. Want some samples? Rejoice before the cutesy bear cubs of Alberto Vazquez in their hunt for unicorn blood! Discover the doomed CGI chimeras of Guillermo Garcia Carsí, the creator of Pocoyo! Witness a trio of cyber-tech apes in their battle against an unscrupulous, fascist dictator! Experience a millennia of messed-up history from the point-of-view of a stranded robo-alien! Locura Española is an aphrodisiacal experience straight from the land of Spanish madmen!


Viaje a Pies by Khris Cembe
The Day I Killed My Best Friend by Antonio J. Busto
The Vein / Magma by DVEIN
Amor de Mono by Trimono
Astigmatismo by Nicolai Troshinsky
Sangre de Unicornio by Alberto Vázquez
Light and Rainbow Guardians by Christian Villacañas
Doraemon at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games by Aleix Pitarch
Doomed by Guillermo García Carsí
Jamón by Iria Lopez
Bendito Machine V – Pull the Trigger by Jossie Malis
Strange Oaks and I’m a Monster by Headless
Manolito’s Dream by Txesco Montalt

Preceded by a short video featuring the some of the program’s directors! All films are DCP.

Watch the trailer!