John K presents "When Cartoonists Ran the Show"

From the very first frame of the first episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show, it was as if an impassioned, collective inquiring shout could be heard ‘round the world: “WHAT IS THIS?! WHO MADE THIS?! WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!” The answer: one Mr. John Kricfalusi, better known as John K., the sultan of Spümcø. Whether in his earliest work on Ralph Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse mutation, with hero Bob Clampett on Beany & Cecil, his own series The Ripping Friends or music videos for the likes of Tenacious D, John’s feverishly audacious style and brilliantly skewed wit are unmistakable and wholly his own. Perhaps that’s because he took notes from the greats, legends of the cartoon era who fired off their own manically marvelous singular visions with each flick of their pencils. Tonight, John will be at the Cinefamily in person to take us through his favorite classic cartoons from the masters of the golden age: Clampett, Tex Avery, Walter Lanz, Max Fleischer and more — discussing them along the way, examining the disparity in philosophy and approach between these classic films and modern cartoons, and sharing how they shaped him as as a young, budding soon-to-be animation legend, shedding some light on that amazed, still-echoing bellow of “WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!”. In addition to sharing a selection of classic cartoons from his personal collection, John will be sharing a handful of very scarcely seen films of his own, including the uncut version of “Mighty’s Benefit Plan” (starring Elwy and the Tree Weasels) for all you Spümcø-heads out there!

Watch John K.’s classic music video for Björk’s “Miss You”!
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