Animation Breakdown: Harry Smith's "Heaven And Earth Magic" (w/ original audio)

“One of the greatest films of all time.” – John Zorn

Both a heady milestone in low-budget folk animation and a glimpse into the clip-art mindscape of one of America’s most legendary culture hounds, Harry Smith’s Heaven and Earth Magic is an unforgettable animated experience of watermelons, dentistry, and heavenly ascension. Smith’s black-and-white opus of a collage film elevates 19th-century graphic imagery with both a loony dream-logic disregard for laws of physics (Terry Gilliam fans, take note) and a poetic sense of metaphor. For this early evening screening, we’ll meditate on the definitive cut with its original sound-effects-only audio track.
Dir. Harry Smith, 1957-1962, 16mm, 66 min.