ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Late Night Work Club Showcase (feat. world premiere of "Ghost Stories"!)

As we stoke the summer’s fading embers, we excitedly gather ‘round the campfire for the world premiere of Ghost Stories, Late Night Work Club’s anthology of entirely new animated shorts wrought by the devil himself, and several of the finest animator/designers making their own stuff today. A scrupulously hand-picked animation collective, LNWC was conceived from the nocturnal Twittersphere communions of several indie auteurs — some established cult faves, some up-and-comers — as an effort to bridge a gap in their own output and the animation community at large. After many global video chats (most of the collective’s members have never met, some don’t even know what each other look like) and tireless labor, they proudly present their first project: a macabre mélange of cryptic tales which promises to make you laugh, cry, and scream while marveling at the work of this incredible group. Who knows what lurks in the witching hour? It turns out Late Night Work Club does, and soon you will too. Plus, Late Night Work Club members Jake Armstrong and Sean Buckelew will be here in person, all the way from NYC, to present other brand-new LNWC animated fun!

Films include:
Dave Prosser – “I Will Miss You”
Charles Huettner – “The Jump”
Sean Buckelew – “The American Dream”
Ciaran Duffy – “Ombilda”
Conor Finnegan – “Asshole”
Scott Benson – “Last Lives”
Jake Armstrong and Erin Kilkenny – “Mountain Ash”
Louise Bagnall – “Loose Ends”
Eamonn O’Neill – “Post Personal”
Alex Grigg – “Phantom Limb”
– and more!

Watch the trailer for “Ghost Stories”!