ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Floating World Comics' "DMTV3"

In celebration of L.A. Zinefest, we welcome the fine folks from Portland’s Floating World Comics into our home to present the third eye-opening installment of DMTV, their roving experimental/psychedelic/abstract animation festival. Since 2006, the renowned publisher/shop (often referred to as “the Powell’s of comic books”) has produced bleeding-edge animation fests, curating moving art with the same care and finely attuned sensibilities that they select printed matter — works that eschew the commercial, striving instead for pure vision, singular aesthetic and personal expression. As the Floating World festivaleers themselves say: “Some of the films push visual noise and glitch to the limit while others reach a peak of ambient degaussed bliss. Local and lo-fi, international and extrasensory, hand drawn, stop motion, CGI and puppetry, electricity and torches.” As mind-expanding as its mantle promises, this DMTV program spans glitching ghosts, an homage to ‘70s Aussie biker exploitation starring an animated Neil Young, avant-garde luminary Suzan Pitt’s cult classic Asparagus (which accompanied Eraserhead upon its original theatrical release), plus new shorts from David Oppenheimer, Lale Westvind, Pink Twins, Johnny Woods, Spectral Net, Yoshihide Sodeoka and more. Buy a ticket, take the ride!

- Universal Codec Error Aborting Video, dir. James Connolly
- Asparagus, dir. Suzan Pitt
- Flesh Gun, dir. Lale Westvind
- Spectral Sequences SN-04-001, dir. Spectral Net
- Morris, dir. James Mercer
- Outer Osmo Ghost Mode, dir. Johnny Woods, Alan Palomo
- Numb Com, dir. David Oppenheim
- Miracle, dir. Pink Twins
- Devils Reign, dir. Yoshihide Sodeoka
- Stone Young, dir. Throne Boogie

Watch the trailer for “DMTV3″!
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