ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Autarky! Frontier Animation from CalArts 2014

Celebrating five years of screening current work primarily from students in their second or third year in CalArts’ Character and Experimental Animation Departments, Autarky! is a show centered around bringing work from the students’ hands to the screen. Tonight’s pieces will include stop-motion animation, drawing, painting, video, flicker films, text-based films, and much more!

Charlie Hodgkins – “The Pitch”
Qianyu Zhou – “Dear Mom”
Sasha Schotzko-Harris – “Amelia”
Yon Hui Lee – “Derailed”
Kyu Ri Park – “End Trip”
Stevie Borbolla – “Space Jerks”
Isabelle Aspin – “Land Mine on the Bunny Slope”
Ryann Shannon – ” Rain Check”
Jacob Winkler – “Tension”

Watch the trailer for “Autarky! 2014″