ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Autarky! Frontier Animation from CalArts

Celebrating four years of screening current work primarily from students in their second or third year in CalArts’ Experimental Animation Program, Autarky! is a show centered around bringing work from the students’ hands to the screen. Tonight’s pieces will include stop-motion animation, drawing, painting, video, flicker films, text-based films, and much more!
Watch the trailer for Autarky!

Program Order:
01: “Amalgam” by Jack Turpin
02: “Dear Sky” by Jerrold Chong
03: “Romance” by Sunny Liang
04: “Loud Boy” by Amy Lee
05: “ESCAPE” by Skyler Brown
06: “Crickets” by Crystal Skye Jordan
07: “Hey There, Second Conscious” by Tyler Russo
08: “Procrastination” by Eben Zboch
09: “Vanishing Jazz Band” by Jacob Sluka
10: “Umma” by Sieun Lim
11: “Leap of Faith” by Sydney Frank
12: “Wood Colored Foxes” by Madeline Mathis
13: “Bad Day” by Nicole Stafford
14: “Dwarf Planets” by Leo Lillrank
15: “Fruit Stand Off” by Tomas Christian
16: “Dragons Are Assholes” by Hae-Joon Lee
17: “S’more and Peace” by Harley Scroggins
18: “Onion” by Erin Kim
19: “Shadowbox” by Shawna Koski
20: “The Light Collector” by Eric Loelius
21: “Remnant” by Abby Magno
22: “i met a robot at a ballet once.” by Isabela Dos Santos
23: “UNTITLED” by Jesse Johnson
24: “EYES BIG LOVE” by Sophia Diao
25: “To a Lost Memory” by Skyler Brown
26: “The Best Daughter” by Ambar Navarro