ANIMATION BREAKDOWN: Animation Breakdown Roundup! (encore show)

It’s here to elate your eyes and tickle your nerves — here to unite creators, lovers and dreamers, drifting hand in hand in an ecstatic sea of color, form and sound — it’s ANIMATION BREAKDOWN ROUNDUP!, Animation Breakdown’s first-ever originally-commissioned shorts festival. Once an adored staple of arthouse theaters and college campuses worldwide, the animated anthology (Spike & Mike, The International Tournee, The Animation Show) has all but disappeared — but it’s time to change that. Today’s bounty of delectable frame-by-frame fruits must be shared with the masses on the big screen, so Roundup! creators Kevin Sukho Lee (Yo Gabba Gabba’s animation producer) and ABD’s Alex McDonald have picked up that mantle with a finely curated n’ commissioned 90+ minutes of mindblowing shorts from the finest of international talents.

Casting a wide net over their favorite filmmakers, they’ve hauled both world premieres and rarely screened works from veteran legends (like Vince Collins, Emily Hubley), current stars (such as Kirsten Lepore, Takeshi Murata, Devin Flynn, Allison Schulnik, Galen Pehrson, Amy Lockhart, Matt & Paul Layzell, Garrett Davis, Charles Huettner, Caleb Wood, Alex Schubert) and next-wavers (like Peter Millard, Sean Buckelew, Quique Rivera Rivera.) The resulting omnibus: a headfirst plunge into a world where boogiein’ ducks, intrepid space explorers, pot-smoking green punks, dancing humanoid flowers, Lynchian descents into madness and psyched-out headtrips all rub shoulders. Over a year in the making and not to be missed. So tune in, turn on, ROUNDUP!

Films include:
- Blobby Boys, dir. Alex Schubert (Premiere!)
- Eager, dir. Allison Schulnik
- Jessica, dir. Amy Lockhart (Premiere!)
- Teetersee Tottersaw, dirs. Caleb Wood & Derek Wycherley (Premiere!)
- Hallucinator, dir. Charles Huettner
- Coin, dir. Chris Burns
- Tedious Limbs, dir. Devin Flynn
- Write Back, dir. Emily Hubley (Premiere!)
- Elephant’s Garden, dir. Felix Colgrave
- Mondo Taurobolium, dir. Galen Pehrson
- Genie, dir. Garret Davis
- Eclipse, dirs. Hugo Moreno, Théo Guignard & Noé Lecombre
- Anonymous Mortician, dir. Joseph Bennett
- Move Mountain, dir. Kirsten Lepore
- Chicks with Cheeks, dir. Matt and Paul Layzell
- Welcome Committee, dir. Matt Taylor (Premiere!)
- Stuffed Animals, dir. Mike Hollingsworth
- Maze Wheel, Part 1, dir. Mike Nordstrom
- Weird Healing, dir. Overture (Premiere!)
- Boogodobiegodongo, dir. Peter Millard
- El Delirio del Pez Léon, dir. Quique Rivera Rivera
- Boxhead, dir. Randall Kaplan (Premiere!)
- Hopkins & Delaney, LLP, dir. Sean Buckelew (Premiere!)
- If You’re Pushed Hard Enough, dir. Sean Solomon
- It’s My Beak, dir. Seth Cooper
- Om Rider, dir. Takeshi Murata
- Lizard of Oz, dir. Vince Collins

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