ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: Animation Breakdown Roundup! - Beyond Anime

Co-presented by RAD FORTRESS.

There’s so much beautiful, surreal, wholly unique animation coming out of Japan today that it just wasn’t fair. These jaw-dropping shorts were flooding our Roundup! 2 show, but we couldn’t cut them — so they’re getting their own wall-to-wall showcase, in a selection hand-picked by ABD’s Alex McDonald and Kevin Sukho Lee (animation producer, Yo Gabba Gabba.) Far from the mainstream Japanese TV and film animation industry, these independent animators have been steadily producing groundbreaking, non-cosplay-friendly animation that hasn’t quite hit our shores stateside or received the amount of attention they deserve. The program’s filled with U.S. premieres, including our big discovery: Ryo Hirano’s newest epic Paradise. We’ve also got new and recent works by Japanese stalwarts, such as the new short Kick Heart by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Ping Pong), as well as picks by up-and-comers; this is a mindblowing voyage into a deep and rarely plumbed pool of current-wave mavericks from our distant neighbors in Nippon.

Anal Juice (dir. Sawako Kabuki)
Kick-Heart (dir. Masaaki Yuasa)
One-Eyed Country (dir. Ryo Hirano)
Paradise (dir. Ryo Hirano)
Futon (dir. Yoriko Mizushiri)
Snow Hut (dir. Yoriko Mizushiri)
Muybridge’s Strings (dir. Koji Yamamura)
Crazy For It (dir. Yutaro Kubo)
We Are Wise Man (dir. Koya)

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