ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: The Films of Suzan Pitt

Suzan Pitt is an exceptional figure in the history of independent animation. Only one animated film was surreal enough to be theatrically paired with Eraserhead; David Lynch personally selected Pitt’s Asparagus in the late-’70s to accompany his debut for its decades-long run on the midnight-movie circuit, ensuring it a legendary cult status. An accomplished and influential speaker, teacher, painter and performer, Pitt is first and foremost an innovative animator with the rare ability to blend unique aesthetics and substantive content. Her surreal visions are more than the usual psychedelic fare, unafraid to plunge into complicated psychological themes. At the same time, they remain accessible and engaging; these are intellectual films that are deeply felt, and not just interpreted. Join us as we explore the highlights from her filmography on beautiful 35mm prints.

Watch an 1975 excerpt of Suzan Pitt on “The Screening Room’!
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