ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2015: Outrageous Video Games III: My So-Called Second Life

Live DJ set from Miles Monroe!

Today, more people experience animation through video games than any other medium. No animation fest in the year 2015 would be complete without some game animation, so ABD is bringing back Most Outrageous Video Games for this year’s fest!

Join us as we survey the wildest and weirdest online virtual worlds—where people don’t just watch animation, they live it. We’ve got it all—from the early innovation of vector avatars of NASA’s Maze Wars, to the first official virtual world of Lucasfilm’s Habitat; from Kool-aid Man’s sublime tours of Second Life to the strange addiction of Onlive Traveler, where players continued to live on for over 10 years after the platform failed.

Our rare glimpse into these bizarre worlds will feature excerpts from Avatara, the Vernon Florida of Online Worlds Documentaries, and many surprises!