ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2015 Opening Night: ABD Roundup! 3

Hey kids! It’s baaa-aaack! Animation Breakdown’s Alex McDonald and Kevin Sukho Lee (Yo Gabba Gabba!’s animation producer) have curated another assortment of eye-poppin’ awesomeness for ABD’s signature program of animated shorts from around the globe, most of them never before screened in LA. Roundup’s mission is to showcase the state of contemporary animation – from the silly to the sublime, the surreal to the stupid, and everything in between. This 2015 edition delivers a made-to-order feast for the adventurous Cinefamily filmgoer who’s hungry for strange Simpsons tributes, inter-galactic inter-species sexual encounters, body part rebellion, animal love, and cartoony crime sprees, to name but a few of the delights served up. So hang on to your butts and say it with us: Tune in, Turn on, and ROUNDUP!

- Deep Space (dir. Bruno Tondeur)
- Life with Herman H. Rott (dir. Chintis Lundgren)
- Swap Meet (dirs. Various Artists)
- First Date (dirs. Joseph Bennett, Matt Furie)
- Cody’s Positive Affirmations (dir. Joseph Bennett)
- menagerie (dir. Julian Gallese)
- Bartkira the Animated Trailer (producer Kaitlin Sullivan)
- Sports Nuts (dir. Marc M. / Sick Animation)
- Apple Pie (dir. Marc M. / Sick Animation)
- Loop Ring Chop Drink (dir. Nicolas Ménard)
- Bath House (dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr)
- Pentimento (dir. Remy Schaepman)
- Amaro and Walden’s Joyride (dirs. Tim McCourt, Max Taylor)
- Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit (dir. Wesley Louis)
- An Emo Nose (dir. Wong Ping)
- Weird Simpsons VHS (dir. Yoann Hervo)
- Candy Power Dorothy (dir. Yong Hoon Joe)

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!