ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2015: MOUSE-TERPIECE THEATER: The Art and Artists Behind Disney's "Mickey Mouse" (2015)

Co-presented by Saturday Morning Cartoons

Believe it or not, the funniest, most visually exciting/most cutting edge cartoons made for television today star a well-known corporate icon who dates back to 1928. Yes, the Mouse – the one originally voiced by Uncle Walt himself, though you might know him better as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Brave Little Tailor or simply as Mickey. The characters has been given a complete make-over for the 21st Century – and in case you haven’t seen the latest series of Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts, Animation Breakdown will bring you up to speed. And “speed” is the operative word here – these colorful 4 minute cartoons are fast paced and funny, and insanely imaginative. This is not you great grandfathers “Mickey Mouse”. You’ll see Mickey and the gang (yes, with Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto) run rampant in episodes taking place in different locales, in different languages, and beyond international time zones. They even play havoc with classic characters in Disney history. We’ll be screening the best of this new batch, inter-mixed with classic pre-code 1920s-30s Mouse cartoons to demonstrate how the new generation didn’t fall too far from the original tree. M-I-C… See these on the big screen with moderator Jerry Beck (Animation Scoop) and the producers, directors and artists behind this once-in-an-80-year reboot. K-E-Y – Why? Because we love you! M-O-U-S-E. Mouseketeer caps: optional.

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