ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: "Superjail" Mastermind - Christy Karacas in person!

Initially known for its intricately animated psychedelic massacres, Superjail! has evolved over its four seasons on Adult Swim into one of the most uniquely unsettling programs in television history. Drawing the stylized violence of cartoons to its most absurd conclusion, show creator Christy Karacas unveils the surreal beauty in every splash of blood, loss of limb and burst of flame. An endless parade of visual gags, Superjail! relies more on storyboards than scripts for much of its humor; insisting on all hand-drawn Flash animation, Karacas meticulously guides his team to find every opportunity within each frame — no copy-and-paste animation here! Join us as Christy shows some of his favorite moments from Superjail!, his previous animations which influenced the show, and a selection of his original artwork.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Superjail! Mastermind – Christy Karacas”!