ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: Son of the White Mare (encore!)

It’s right there in our mission statement: ABD is dedicated to bringing you mind-blowing animation of all stripes, past and present. Well, we’re about to make gooder than good on that promise. The word “psychedelic” gets thrown around willy-nilly, especially with regards to animation — and while we’ve seen a lot of far-out stuff in our travels, Son of the White Mare is certainly THE most psychedelic animated feature ever inked, and one of the most beautiful. A kaleidoscopic, rainbow-colored devastator of sight and sound. Watching it is an immersive, consciousness-altering experience more akin to that of 2001 and The Holy Mountain, than Yellow Submarine or Fantastic Planet. Director/wizard Marcell Jankovics (crowned as “the Walt Disney of Hungary”) lifts his fairy tale straight from Euro folk legend, seamlessly filtering its sword-wielding, dragon-slaying creation-myth narrative through a range of disparate aesthetics like ancient art, ‘60s poster design, and art deco/nouveau touches. What results is an overwhelming visual feast on which to gorge your eyes. Your new favorite animated film; come and get your mind properly blown, folks.
Dir. Marcell Jankovics, 1981, 35mm, 90 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Son of the White Mare”! NOTE: this trailer contains our original playdate of Thursday 11/20. This encore takes place on Tuesday, 11/25.