ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: Seth's Dominion (U.S. premiere, director in person!)

Eight years in the making, this inspiring and engrossing portrait of the creative process receives its U.S. premiere as part of ABD 2014! When Luc Chamberland first approached Canadian graphic-novelist Seth (“Palookaville”) with the idea of making a documentary on the cartoonist’s work, he was given a never-before-seen diary in cartoon form. This serves as the film’s centerpiece, providing source material for touchingly nostalgic animated sequences that examine the very nature of memory itself, and its importance in our lives. Seth’s own novels — semi-autobiographical accounts of “little people trapped in time” — find a perfect analog in Chamberland’s charming mix of animation and live-action. Winner of top honors at this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival, Seth’s Dominion is as refreshingly unpretentious, artistically subtle, and humorously self-aware as its titular character. Director Luc Chamberland in person!
Dir. Luc Chamberland, 2014, digital presentation, 83 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Seth’s Dominion”!